Carrera Real producer: Safilo

The history of the Italian brand Carrera glasses dates back to 1956, the founder of the brand was an ethnic Austrians and his name was Wilhelm Anger. Having already been a great experience to create glasses and masks for sports, he decided to implement their knowledge to create not only the glasses for the sport, but also combines fashion. The brand name was given as reason: after the mad and grueling racing Carrera Panamerica, whose length is more than three thousand kilometers on the territory of North and South America (the US border to Guatemala).

After 8 years after the founding of the company Anger invents a very interesting material, which has been called Optyl. In fact it is plastic, which is almost two times lighter than acetate and completely hypoallergenic. Points of the new material have been so easy and comfortable fortunate that there are still many manufacturers points can not invent anything like this, not just superior to Optyl indicators. Currently, more than half of the models Carrera glasses are made from this material.

An important event for the Carrera brand was a collaboration with the famous German designer and engineer designer Alexander Ferdinand Porsche, together with whom he developed several iconic models of glasses Carrera Carrera CHAMPION, Carrera Sunjet, Carrera Boeing. Later, the company will use the Porsche Design glasses of its brand idea of ​​this cooperation.

Bright and interesting color, a combination of old style glamor with modern technology and sporty design that's what probably makes the Carrera sunglasses popular with many fans of the brand.

Now the company not only produces sunglasses and medical frames, but also sporting masks, helmets. Currently, the brand belongs to the Italian group Safilo one of the world leaders in the production of glasses and frames, which acquired Carrera in 1996 after 40 years of successful development of the brand.