Dolce&Gabbana Real producer: Luxottica

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, Dolce&Gabbana conceived as an informal, street clothes, the philosophy of which was disrespect to fashion itself.

Despite the fact that the brand D&G is a relatively recently - in 1994, she managed to acquire lines of accessories, perfume collections for kids, underwear and even design Citroen C3 Limited Edition.

Domenico Dolce - short, lazy and slow, with green eyes, always smiling. He was born August 13, 1958 in Palermo suburb of the capital of Sicily, his parents were not from rich, although his father was called loudly "managing" a small garment factory. Family adhered strictly Sicilian "patriarchal despotism" - the word father was stronger than steel. Parents Domenico did not spoil - new toys and clothes fall to the child is not often. Only on Sundays the boy could wear a "parade-off" narrow wool suit for going to church.

With six years in the workshop of Domenico helped his father. Even as a child he was so well mastered the skill of cutting and sewing, he could hardly looking to sew the sleeves to the men's jacket. Close Mozart called it - for the same genius in sewing as a composer of music. And for fun boy from rags modeled miniature dresses and suits.

Traditionally matured Domenico had to enter the family business his father. But he does anyway - after leaving school enters the university. After studying it for about a year, Dolce and throws it comes to art school. After graduation, he went to Milan.

Stefano Gabbana - the exact opposite: brown-eyed, tall, thin and very talkative. He was born November 14, 1963 in Northern Italy, in Milan. There were not so strict morals, so the boy was raised in a single-parent family. He was the illegitimate son of one of the richest and most famous Milanese stylists. His family was not constrained in material resources, and the teenager was not difficult to be dandy. At the beginning of each season, Stefano bought himself the most fashionable thing of the company store "Fiorucci", which specializes in extravagant and colorful clothes for teens. According to the designer, "But I could not think that the establishment of clothing will be my own business."

Stefano painted since childhood, literally "grew up with a pencil in hand." Later, in Milan, he studied graphic art in the graphics department of art and design college and worked as a graphic artist. Gabbana College graduated with a degree in "creative director", but they never worked a single day. The young man attracted quite different possibilities.

Future famous designers met in a Milan studio, where both worked as assistants. Such seemingly different - and by birth and upbringing, - they found a lot in common. For example, we found that both nourish love for the era of Baroque and classical Italian movies 1950-1960-ies. And now they inspire creativity favorite directors and actresses - Visconti, De Sica, Roberto Rossellini, Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Anna Magnani. And then young people have decided to work together to try yourself in the world of fashion. The result of a creative tandem known - more than 20 years doing fashion designers together, and their clothes prefer current stars - Isabella Rossellini, Madonna, Demi Moore, Nicole Kidman.

In 1982, the partners opened a joint tiny studio in the heart of Milan, built and financed his first collection. Of course, there were some financial difficulties. For example, show their first collection took place in not quite the standard situation - in one of Milan's cafes. In 1985, young people have received an offer to participate as young talents, in this fashion show Milano Collezioni. The success of their collection was deafening, fashion show clothes for "a real woman - beautiful, strong, but not perfect." In 1986, Dolce&Gabbana present their collection in the show Real Woman. In March 1987, they presented their first collection of knitwear. In 1989, the first public collection of swimwear and underwear were shown.

Creative successes designers immediately reflected in the commercial side of the business - for 10 years, they have evolved from a small company into a world-renowned brand Dolce&Gabbana, bringing multimillion profits to owners. Since 1987, they began expanding - opened the show-room (showroom) in Milan and New York. Then, in August 1987 they had a first own store. Then, in 1988, Dolce&Gabbana sign a contract with Onward Kashiyama group and start selling clothes of the firm in Japan. In the same 1988 followed by a proposal for financial support from the company Genny Group, which allowed to open their own boutiques not only in Milan but also in Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul. Who specialty shops trademarks of D&G and Dolce&Gabbana has opened in more than 80 countries around the world.

Since 1990, designers began to "work" for men, for the first time by creating for them his collection. Strong floor immediately appreciated the style of Dolce&Gabbana. They began to dress the stars - Iggy Pop, Woody Harrelson, Sting (the latter even starred in their clothes in the film Quadrophenia).

the duo's popularity increases every four years - from 1990 to 1994, the year - they are consultants Complice. Scope of design activity is expanding gradually. In 1992, Dolce&Gabbana perfume represent the first product of its brand, which was called simply and simply Dolce&Gabbana Parfum. Aroma in 1993 received an award from the International Academy of perfumery.

And then, in 1993, D&G collection to create a world tour of Madonna, who both love and speak of it as nothing but "our friend, our admiration and our inspiration." However, with the acclaimed collections for the famous pop singer designers went a little embarrassing. For their idol they made in 1500 suits in record time - the target than two months. Most of them have been sewn and decorated by hand. When the collection passed delighted ordered it turned out that the contract had not stipulated the amount of the fee. It turned out that the designers have worked for almost nothing. But the designers themselves in such situations are not upset, as evidenced by their saying: "We may not think about the cost of our work because it has long earned a lot more money than we can spend."

Since 1994, their range is added to denim line, accessories and sunglasses. At the same D&G for the first time create a collection for the youth. Since then, the youth line becomes a uniform for young people all over the world. Brand has become so popular that a fake brand name becoming commonplace, especially in Russia and Ukraine. In our cities one can often see young women of fashion in clothes from Dolce&Gabbana, purchased at a local flea market. In 1996, the designers create a collection of legendary Animal Prints, which is approved in the fashion world, "bestial" coloring.

Designers prepare the thirteen colonies collections a year, and in each of them there are findings that can be called innovative in international fashion. The best is a dress collection spring / summer 1990 - it was then that there was a black dress bustier. The authors commented on the model his creation: "This dress can be considered the quintessential style of Dolce&Gabbana We were madly in love and holiness to combine sophistication Korsetirovanny top - it's sophistication and black shawl handmade - naive..." In 1995, the approved style of lady-like, to conquer the world. On the catwalk fashion models showed a share of the girl with a neat haircut, dressed in a modest black suit. Collection Spring / Summer 1996 has demonstrated world-dress coats. Long, to the floor, the black sleeveless dress with a hood and high slits on the sides, on the neck - black scarves. These clothes are so captivated all that dress-coats made orders 650 stores in Europe, America and Australia.

Designers are constantly looking for new opportunities for self-expression. In 2002, the auction of the exhibition "Motor Show" in Bologna Citroen C3 was sold under the Dolce&Gabbana brand. After the success of this model, fashion house and automobile group signed a contract for a series of exclusive cars C3 and C3 Pluriel. Beauty machines decorated with Swarovski diamond company, is used for finishing of the highest quality leather from D&G. In addition, the cars have a lot less functional as expensive "bells and whistles".

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are always friendly and open to dialogue, no one could hide no thoughts about his work or his personal life. "We can see different dreams, experiencing different desires, be obsessed with different ideas Although, at first glance, they will be fundamentally different, but thanks to a special waves that bind us, we can overcome any differences and come to a decision -. Sometimes very unexpected but only correct in this situation. "

Designers family lived for over 20 years and thought that are no different from heterosexual couples. Domenico Dolce states: "We love to spend time together, but at the same time appreciate and respect the freedom. For example free time I prefer to spend at home cooking all sorts of delicacies, and Stefano Gabbana likes parties, night clubs, noisy companies.!. And we are not trying to impose on each other their way of life - we just know how to appreciate all of its side. " The only thing that does not suffice for them to be completely happy, - the possibility of having children.

Most recently, the ubiquitous journalists spread the rumor about the decay of the famous duo. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have denied the rumors and confirmed that they would continue to work together in the future. Domenico Dolce said: "On a professional level, we are together, our cooperation - is the foundation of our empire, our mutual understanding allows us to work productively, and our past with us forever ..." And for the next Fashion Week in Paris, a small tailor's masterpiece will be shown again on Dolce&Gabbana.