Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci Real producer: Marcolin

Marquis Emilio Pucci (Emilio Pucci di Barsento) was born in 1914 in Florence. He became the first in the entire thousand-year history of the family, who would prefer to work idle pastime. To avoid problems with the family, all of his work, he just signed - «Emilio».

fashion house Emilio Pucci called a true treasure of Italian fashion.

Products home unmistakably recognizable and loved by all who know a lot about true luxury.

1947 - it started with photos for Harper`s Bazaar, where Emilio acted as a photo model, promoting sports ski suit their own design (from 1934 Pucci was a member of the Olympic team in skiing).

1948 - Emilio opened a boutique in the town on the island of Capri and creates short trousers of the same name. Pants make a splash in the fashion world.

1950 - gaining a reputation as a designer of sports and casual wear. Particular success has come in the postwar period. Bright colors, fine fabrics, practical and sexy cut fell at an opportune moment. Pucci began to study textile design: silk jersey, velvet, flannel, synthetics. His kaleidoscopic packing remind Sicilian mosaics. For the first time, in order to avoid counterfeit products placed on the front side of the signature "of Emilio", and Pucci are beginning to call "prince of prints" ( "Prince of printed pictures").

1951 - the first fashion show in Florence. Sophia Loren, Rita Hayworth, Elizabeth Taylor, Rose Kennedy, Paloma Picasso bought his pants in different colors and dozens were simple men's shirts.

1959 - Creation of lingerie collection. In the same year Pucci met his future wife - Baroness Cristina Nannini Rome, which he later said: "I'm married to a woman from the painting by Botticelli."

1960 - "puchchimaniya" reached its zenith, but Pucci went even further: he developed the NASA logo (US National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and created the costumes for «Apollo 15" team that went to the space mission to the moon .

1989 - New pictures Emilio Pucci fabrics bring another stunning success. The campaign involved the Madonna, Paloma Picasso and other celebrities. Unfortunately, this year, during the carnival, dressed in medieval armor, Emilio Pucci fell from his horse, and then he could not walk.

1990 - Emilio Pucci suspended from active work in the Fashion House, a place of commercial director takes his daughter Laudomiya Pucci.

1992 - Emilio Pucci died at the age of 78 years.

2000 - Laudomiya Pucci enters into a contract with the international fashion giant LVMH, which buys 67% stake in fashion house.

2003 - another surge of interest in the brand with the new director, Christian Lacroix. After the show the new collection, which was a fruitful union of two iconic names, it became clear that this is the second example of the revival of a dying brand in fashion history; First - this cooperation of Karl Lagerfeld and the House of Chanel.

2005 - the new creative director of the fashion house Emilio Pucci, Matthew Williamson becomes. Williamson Style - feminine and brightness of the colors, which is the spirit of Pucci.

2007 - Pucci fashion house is celebrating its 60th anniversary. In honor of the jubilee was created a new version of the figure Vivara and signed an agreement with Marchon Eyewear in the creation and production of a collection of sunglasses and optical frames under the brand Emilio Pucci.

2008 - Optical products under the Pucci brand comes to the Russian market. Pucci creative director of the house becomes the designer Peter Dundas.

2011 - Laudomiya Pucci and remains Director of Emilio Pucci brand image to this day. Currently, the products of the brand is sold in more than 50 monobrand stores worldwide.

Produced under the brand Emilio Pucci Products: neckties, travel bags, handbags, ready-made clothes, hats, sunglasses, medical eyeglasses, gloves, shoes, swimwear, jewelry, furniture, perfumes.

Bright, multi-colored, printed drawings by Emilio Pucci represent the main and important part of the brand philosophy. Every year the House Pucci creates new prints for their collections ready-made clothing and accessories.

For the season spring-summer 2014 GG Fashion House offers clothing and accessories with psychedelic prints bright shades of purple, magenta, blue, emerald green and red.

Collection of sunglasses and optical frames Emilio Pucci issued only for the female audience. Design points rounded, truly feminine forms reflects the values ​​of the brand through the use of prints in the decoration and exclusive details.

Philosophy Collections - kaleidoscopic and sophisticated mix of Mediterranean colors, innovation, luxury in every detail, femininity and glamor. Woman Emilio Pucci - is dynamic, it so many years, on how she feels life she lives, filled with beautiful things, she attends only the most chic places and spend time only with the most interesting people, it is cultured and refined, sociable and flirtatious. She - a true "jet-setter".