Miss Sixty

Miss Sixty Real producer: Luxottica

Unstressed sexuality, liveliness, buynost paints, "passion" for luxury and beauty - all this is deeply ingrained in every Italian, and needless to say that the young Italian brand Miss Sixty (Miss Sixty) his rebellious nature and immediacy has already conquered half the world ! Despite the fact that the Italian brand its main founder of Hassan Vicki - Syrian, you will learn below about the personality of this talented man.

"In a fashion only girls!" - Was the motto of the European fashion - industry in the early 90-ies of the last century broke the brand Miss Sixty. "There is no unisex" - the creators decided to mark Vicki Hassan and Renato Rossi, at the time gave the young dandies Energie men's brand, and dedicated the whole direction only the fairer sex. Initially, Miss Sixty was conceived as a denim brand for girls, but soon became so popular that the "woman 60" was converted into a Hotel brand that ceased to specialize exclusively in women's clothing, there were shoes, handbags, lingerie, jewelry, perfume, sunglasses and hours, as well as several collections of children's clothes.

1991 - The beginning of the history of the brand Miss Sixty, when the light saw the first mono-brand store in London, which offered the first women's jeans, became famous due to its attractive pockets, fabrics and, of course, fit, emphasizes the sexuality of the female figure. These jeans immediately became an absolute bestseller in the world of denim fashion.

1992-1994 years - known brand is growing at an incredible rate - the exciting pattern, bright colors, sexy silhouettes - all created by young designers, inspired by the trend of the 60 - 70th. The brand is expanding rapidly, covering the European market.

1995 - the company opens headquarters in Chieti (Italy) with its own production. At this stage in the company's portfolio in addition to Miss Sixty is also the men's brand Energy, as well as a youth brand Killah.

Speaking of the Miss Sixty brand as a whole, not to mention its creator and mastermind - Vicki Hassan, a matter of life which was to make people beautiful, stylish and sexy.

Vicki Hassan, a tireless creator of Sixty Group and its brands, was born in 1955 in sunny Tripoli, Libya. His childhood ended when in the 1960s. in his homeland began the uprising. Then he began his Italian "epic" - together with his family he moved to Rome. Finished faculty of foreign languages, he starts to draw, encourage interest in the arts, which affected his whole career.

After working for several years managing the store in Rome, Vicki Hassan decided to open his own small shop, where customers can buy trendy things, which would not be anywhere else. Store under the name «Energy» was a huge success, becoming at the beginning of the 80s is truly iconic.

At the same time, the creator of Hassan, met with Renato Rossi - a skillful manager. An engineer and a good manager, Rossi quickly realized that creative thinking and artistic skills Hassan can be used to create a collection of clothes designed for young people who want to look modern and upscale. And Vicki Hassan decides to create its own line of clothing. Together with Russia, they turned the «Energy» into an international brand. Thus began a new partnership, which was a huge success - the company was born Sixty Group.

In 1989 - m Energy is the first brand, whose products are developed and manufactured by, then followed the brand Miss Sixty (1991) and Killah (1998). Today Sixty - «parent" and other brands such as Murphy & Nye, Refrigiwear, Richlu and Baracuta - a symbol of modern thriving company in the fashion world, which is growing and developing thanks to new international projects and a global distribution network.

But in the beginning of the creative Vicki Hassan truly inexhaustible. In the mid-1990s, he organized two traveling exhibitions devoted to jeans and named "ArtEnergy". In addition, he is a well-known collector of paintings, especially works of pop art. Hassan has always gravitated toward the arts and, in the end, he found himself, albeit in a slightly different area - in the fashion world.