Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli Real producer: Marcolin

Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli (Roberto Cavalli) was born in Florence November 15, 1940 in a family of well-known artists. His grandfather on his mother's side was Giuseppe Rossi, the famous Florentine artist, impressionist, whose works are represented in the Uffizi Gallery (Florence).

Following family tradition, Roberto graduated from the Florentine Academy of Arts. It was there that he received the basic skills and knowledge in the field of design and the fine arts, so useful to him later.

His career as a young designer Roberto Cavalli started with that hand painted t-shirts, which are then sold for travelers Saint-Tropez and the Côte d'Azur. And in the world of global fashion Cavalli appeared in the early sixties of the last century. To start with the main working material he chose the skin, apply until basically only in sports jackets cut, and with the help of the latest technology has made it ultrasoft, flexible and sophisticated material, perfectly suitable for all occasions. In his studio, which was a cross between a laboratory and a studio artist, he concentrated on the study of the links between art, fashion and painting. In the same period, Cavalli patented the invention of the revolutionary process of drawing on the skin. Over the next ten years, he created things that were getting the same object of desire for that generation, for example, clothes of the fun of the skin patches sewn together. Now, such clothing is considered a classic.

In the seventies come to the Cavalli world fame and success.

1972 - designer showed his first collection at the Pitti Palace (Palazzo Pitti), Florence: Jeans with prints, leather things with prints, brocade clothes, dresses, painted African motifs. Since then, his clothing design has been on the podium and enjoys well-deserved success and demand of buyers, and his fashion house became one of the most commercially successful with a turnover of about 200 million Euros per year. Inspired by the colors and patterns of nature, Cavalli is always striving to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and beautiful and does not like being called a fashion designer, and prefers to think of it as a fashion artist.

Without Roberto Cavalli fashion today would be completely different. His style - for those who are not afraid to look extravagant, who wants to become famous, or so, who wants all the attention was focused on it in his person.

"I love women, all women," - said Cavalli. And women do play a big role in his life, and loving wife Eve, former Miss Universe, helps him in his work and inspiration for future creations.

1998 - in addition to the main line, which is sold in more than fifty countries worldwide, Roberto Cavalli creates clothes for men under the brand RC Menswear, and launches youth, more accessible, line Just Cavalli, and now fashion house Roberto

Cavalli deals not only with women's and men's clothes, but also manufactures lingerie and swimwear (Roberto Cavalli Underwear and Just Cavalli Underwear & Beachwear), points (Roberto Cavalli Eyewear and Just Cavalli Eyewear), bags and jewelry (Roberto Cavalli Accessori), clock (Roberto Cavalli Timewear and Just Cavalli Time), children's clothing - Roberto Cavalli Angels for girls and Roberto Cavalli Devils for boys and shoes (in all lines, including the children). 2002 - was released perfume Roberto Cavalli with the original female fragrance.

2003 - there were men's perfume Cavalli Man.

2010 - Roberto Cavalli celebrated the 40th anniversary of its activity in the fashion industry. This event was widely covered in the world media, there have been many celebrations and released a 200-page book «Roberto Cavalli» with stories about the way designers and numerous illustrations.

Recently, a new line of clothing and accessories was launched - Class Roberto Cavalli.

Among the customers of fashion house Roberto Cavalli's most famous personalities from the world of show business and jet-set: Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlize Theron, Victoria Beckham, Sharon Stone, Cindy Crawford, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Tina Turner, Catherine zeta Jones, Shakira, Elton John, Lenny Kravitz, Bono and many others.