Tom Ford

Tom Ford Real producer: Marcolin

Tom Ford was born August 27, 1961 in Austin, Texas (USA) in a family of realtors - Tom Ford and Shirley Bunton. When he was 11 years old, the family moved to Santa Fe (New Mexico), and the boy went to the local high school. At age 17, Tom leaves from Santa Fe to New York and it enters the New York University in the faculty of art history, but a year later leaves the university to continue their studies at the department of architecture at Parsons School of Design (Parsons) in New York and Paris. The ego same time, Ford is actively working on television, taking part in advertising campaigns (he once took part in 12 campaigns at the same time), it becomes a regular at the legendary New York night club «Studio 54" and later club atmosphere of glamor greatly affect his vision design. During the penultimate year of their training in Parsons Ford he spent six months in Paris, working as an intern in the press office of the famous fashion house of Chloe, but last year at Parsons, he studied fashion. However, the School of Design, he graduated with a degree in architecture.

After graduation Parsons Ford worked for two years as an assistant American designer Cathy Hardwick (Cathy Hardwick).

1988 - Ford went to work for the designer Perry Ellis (Perry Ellis), where he also worked for two years as a result of finally tired of working in the American fashion industry. Later, in an interview with the New York Times, Ford says, "If I was going to be a good designer, I had to leave America. Too good taste in America is considered vulgar. And Europeans appreciate the style. "

Soon Tom's a great opportunity to enter the world of European fashion: the Italian company Gucci wanted to strengthen its presence in the market of women's ready-made garments. At that time, in the words of the then creative director of Gucci Dawn Mello (Dawn Mello), «no one dreamed of clothes from Gucci».

September 1990 - Mello hired then unknown designer Tom Ford as chief designer of womenswear ready by Gucci brand. "For the American designer moving to Italy to join the company, which had not yet been a full-fledged brand, was very risky", - says Mello.

1992 - The role of Tom Ford at Gucci has risen steadily: after six months, he also began to create designs men's clothing and shoes, and he became director of Gucci design, creating a design ready-made clothing, footwear, garfyumerii, advertising images and store design. In 1993 - Tom Ford Ones responsible for the design of the eleven product lines and worked 18 hours a day. During these years the creative soil constantly arose friction between Ford and Maurizio Gucci (Maurizio Gucci), chairman of the company and its co-owner of 50%. As Mello says, "Maurizio always wanted everything to be round and brown and Tom wanted it to be a square and black." Although Maurizio wanted to Ford was fired, the president and CEO of Gucci Group Domenico de Sole (Domenico De Sole) insisted that Tom left. As a result, the role and work of the Ford at Gucci in those years was slightly veiled, and the public face of the company performed Mello.

1994 - Ford became creative director of Gucci. In his first year in this position for Ford back into fashion glamor, presenting the public with low waist pants, slinky satin blouses and shoes from metallic leather.

1995 - in the period from 1995 to 1996 Gucci sales increased by 90%, and in 1999 the fashion house, which was virtually bankrupt before the arrival of Ford, is estimated at $ 4.3 billion.

2003 - Gucci Group earned almost $ 3 billion a year, which made the brand one of the most profitable in the market of luxury goods.

When in 2000 the company bought the Gucci fashion house Yves Saint Laurent, Ford was appointed creative director of the brand and in addition to working for the Gucci brand. During this time Tom has received several awards of the Council of Fashion Designers of America. And, as was the case with Gucci, Ford was able to bring back the classic fashion house YSL to success, developing the overall image of all categories of products and advertising campaigns.

2002 - Ford became vice-chairman of the Gucci Group's Board of Directors.

2004 - Tom Ford left the company because of their disagreement with management regarding the creative control of Gucci Group.

2005 - Tom Ford founded his own fashion house - Tom Ford. "I went away and did not intend to come back into fashion, but soon realized how dear to me this job. I like to invent things, to create them, "- says Tom Ford. In his own company, he invites Domenico De Sole, who became chairman of the company. Himself Tom Ford becomes President and CEO of Tom Ford International. He decides to start with accessories and announces the beginning of cooperation with the Marcolin Group - a leader in the spectacle industry - for the manufacture and distribution of optical frames and sunglasses under the brand One Ford. On the same day Ford and De Sole announced an alliance with Estee Lauder to create perfumes under the brand Tom Ford. The first line of the accessory - sunglasses - becomes very successful and is rapidly gaining popularity in the international market, and the aromas released sequentially in November 2006 - launched the first fragrance Tom Ford Black Orchid and One Ford Black Orchid Voile De Fleur. Especially for the creating of this perfume designer together with the famous botanist, brought the world's first real black orchid: it was her scent and was the basis for this fragrance.

February, 2006 - Tom Ford announced a licensing agreement with Ermenegildo Zegna Group for the production and international distribution of luxury products: ready-made clothes for men, clothes, made-to-measure, footwear and accessories under the brand One Ford.

2007 - designer launches men's fragrance Tom Ford for Men, which is very popular with customers.

April 2007 opened the first flagship boutique Tom Ford at the address: 845, Madison Avenue, New York (845, Madison Avenue, New York), which presented a collection of men's clothing and accessories.

In June 2007 - the company One Ford International announces plans to open its own stores in London, Los Angeles and Hawaii in the next three years.

June 2008 - the first own store opened at Ford Europe in Milan on the street Via Pietro Verri (Via Pietro Verri), in the heart of the famous Golden Triangle. In addition, Tom Ford has announced an agreement with the various franchise partners, which will continue to begin expansion by opening stores in key cities in Europe, South America. Asia and the Middle East. As a result, over the next 10 years should see more than 100 retail stores Tom Ford around the world, as well as the distribution network format «shop in shop» ( «shop in shop") in collaboration with retail stores selling clothing and luxury accessories.

But one fashion Tom Ford is still small. It is said that he is now engaged in three film projects, and plans to take up real estate in New York.

Tom Ford's success in the fashion industry can be traced to a number of awards it has received:

1996, 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2008 - award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America, the world's most prestigious awards in the field of fashion;

1995, 1996, 1999, 2002 - Vogue Fashion Awards (US);

1999 - award "style icon" by Elle Style (UK)

2000 - award from the editors of Fashion Club of Japan;

2000 - award "Man of the Year" according to the magazine GQ (UK)

2001, 2006 - awards from the American Council for accessories;

2001 - Award "Best fashion designer" by Time magazine in 2001 - the award "Designer of the Year" by GQ magazine (USA)

2003 - award for achievements in the field of fashion from the National Museum Cooper Hewitt Design;

2004 - Award for contribution to world fashion and film industry (US)

2005 - Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Savannah College of Art and Design (United States);

2006 - The American Council on the award of accessories for the release of a line of sunglasses;

2008 - the best menswear designer (USA).