Ray-Ban Cats


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Ray-Ban Cats

One of the most attractive accessory every woman and girl are sunglasses cat-eye forms. The first, who drew attention to this unusual form, was the famous Marilyn Monroe. Since then, the popularity of Cats not only does not subside, but, conversely, increases every year, which makes the purchase is particularly advantageous acquisition. These glasses perfectly complement the casual clothes, make a formal style is more feminine and evening dress - a spicy and seductive. By the way, it is best to supplement these glasses retro-look perfectly with the laconic style of clothes, clean the hair and red lips.

Buy Ray-Ban Cats

The frame, made of high quality plastic, and the convex shape of the glass lenses are designed to ensure that points not only beautify your image, make it more expensive and more solid, but will last a long time. This is facilitated by the availability of high-quality cover that comes in the kit. Most often it is in the red or black colors, is a substrate for the nose pads, fabric interior trim is made of black high quality velour. If you are looking for a fashion accessory of luxury for a low cost, this model points will be a great solution. In addition to every pair of glasses is in multiples of an international certificate of quality and a napkin from a soft fabric, designed for cleaning lenses. We sell only original ray ban.