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Sunglasses Ray-Ban Icons

Everyone wants to be on top, to feel confident and like others. To do this, mankind has invented a lot of tricks, from plastic surgery to complement spicy accessories image. Name Icons points of this series got no chance, they have become icons of style for many famous people and ordinary citizens. All models in this series can hardly be called new products, since many models are available for more than half a century, is a true cult classic. If going to a party, you want to be the center of attention, walking through the city to catch yourself admiring glances, and always look stylish - Ray-Ban Icons that you need. The shape of these glasses are increasingly called golden classics, so we can safely say that the name justifies this fact to the fullest. The abundance of all sorts of colors and lens shapes of frames makes it possible to choose the model that is ideal for you. With these points does not matter what you will wear a tuxedo or a track suit, cocktail dress or jeans - you will always look expensive and elegant.

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Points this model justifies its cost for 100%: they are comfortable to wear, their presence in the face of almost non-existent and does not cause discomfort, they are practical and durable. Obviously, they are equally suitable for both men and women. In addition, they perfectly protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation. And what is important: glasses did not distort color perception. In our online shop sells exclusively original Ray Ban.