Roberto Cavalli

Sunglasses by Roberto Cavalli

Sunglasses Roberto Cavalli are branded product for a long time. They are ideal for those who not only adheres to the free style, but also prone to bold experiments and extraordinary decisions. This optical brand for two decades, and during that time the fashion house is continuously working on improving the style and accessories in line with the trends of modern fashion. Name Cavalli is not only fashionable solutions, but also the originality of performance accessories. Bright, unusual sunglasses combine the classic with the non-standard inlays and unexpected combinations of materials in the design.

Design by Roberto Cavalli

As for the inlays and different finishes, in the course of the manufacture are precious metals, as well as leather and a variety of expensive crystals and other elements of decoration. This is an atypical combination makes from Cavalli sunglasses individual and unique, and their owner will be appreciated in any society. The collection has masters and classic Cavalli sunglasses, and avant-garde models. This stylish, expensive accessory of the famous designer, who will give you the freedom of expression.